School Video

2023-2024年度 K3 NCS Nursery Rhyme

2023-2024 K1 Father's Day

2023-2024-K1 Drama Reading Performance "Animal Games”

2023-2024-K3 Mother's Day

2023-2024-K2 Mother's Day

2023-2024-K1 Mother's Day

2023-2024-K3 Drama Reading Performance "Brave Fruit”

2023-2024-K2 Drama Reading Performance "Feeding Animals”

2023-2024 K3B Deck the halls

2023-2024 K3A Jingle Bell

2023-2024 K2B Christmas Christmas

2023-2024 K2A Here Comes Santa Claus

2023-2024 K1 Little Christmas Tree

2023-2024 K2 Let's Make A Cake

2023-2024 K1 September Birthday Party

2023-2024 K2 Fine motor activity

2022-2023 Exercises

2022-2023 Funfair in Kwai Chung North East Area

2022-2023 Mother's Day Morning Assembly

2022-2023 K3B Mother's Day

2022-2023 K3A Mother's Day

2022-2023 K2 Mother's Day

2022-2023 K1 Mother's Day

2022-2023 NCS Mother's Day

2022-2023-K1B Drama Reading Performance "Animals Game”

2022-2023-K1A Drama Reading Performance "Animals Game”

2022-2023-K2B Drama Reading Performance "Feeding Animals”

2022-2023-K2A Drama Reading Performance "Feeding Animals”

2022-2023-K2A Drama Reading Performance "Feeding Animals”

2022-2023-K3B Drama Reading Performance "Brave Fruit”

2022-2023-K3A Drama Reading Performance "Brave Fruit”

2022-2023-K2 Birthday Party Story Stage

2022-2023-K3 Birthday Party Story Stage

2022-2023- Flag-raising Ceremony

2022-2023-K1 Birthday Party Story Stage

2022-2023-K3 Drama Reading Performance "Who Can I Ask for Help”

Morning Assembly-Flag-raising Ceremony

Morning Assembly-Morning Exercises

Morning Assembly-Sharing Session

2022-2023 Scout Oath

Kindergartens Fight Crime Drama Writing Competition in Kwai District

Planting Demonstration - One Person, One Flower Scheme and Planting Herbs in School Scheme 2021/22