Parent-Teacher Association

The school attaches great importance to the home-school cooperation. With the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) established for more than 20 years, different meetings, parent-child activities, workshops and topical parent talks have been held to strengthen home-school communication and promote positive school development. Apart from parent committees, parent volunteers have also been established to support school festival booths, reading activities, outdoor visiting and student care services. Moreover, children are welcome to borrow books or video resources from the Parent-Child Reading Corner and enjoy with parents during leisure time, which greatly helps in nurturing reading habits, promoting critical thinking skills and teaching the concept of protecting public properties to children.

Parent-Teacher Association Photo

Social Work Services

Under the basic principles of “Early Identification, Early Intervention”, the school social work provides stationing services at schools to provide comprehensive care and support to children, families and the school. Regarding the children’s development and family needs, casework intervention, referral services, parenting workshops, parent-child activities and talks and parent interest groups will be provided to further promote home-school cooperation. To strengthen the understanding of children, a variety of regular training would be offered to teachers to handle risk, support and reduce the risk of harm and tragedy under sudden or dangerous.

Social Work Services Photo