Original Puppet Show “The Forest under the Ice-cream Mountain” by the World Vision

World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, aims to raise world awareness of the problem of water resources, understand the value of water, manage and protect water resources and attain the vision to have sustainable development of water.

To raise students’ awareness, World Vision will bring students to Zambia through one of the stories “A Talk with Sister Piggy” from the original puppet show “The Forest under the Ice-cream Mountain” to identify the water conservation and hygiene measures of the place and make students the habit of using water properly and developing good personal hygiene. Parents are encouraged to watch with students to promote parent-child relationships.

The story videos of “The Forest under the Ice-cream Mountain” will update continuously to allow more people from identifying the world’s needs. Related links are shown as follows.

Video Link of “A Talk with Sister Piggy”:

YouTube Playlist of “The Forest under the Ice-cream Mountain”:

Link containing further details of “The Forest under the Ice-cream Mountain”