About Our Curriculum
  • Bearing Tsuen Wan Trade Association’s mission of promoting education for all and nurturing youngsters, our school provides quality pre-school education and nurtures preschool children to attain all-round development. Our diversified learning materials and school activities inspire children, unleash their power of multiple intelligences and unique potential, with the ultimate goal of enabling every child to attain a holistic development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics and to achieve healthy development both physically and psychologically. Our broad curriculum also prepares children for the next stages of their education and their future life.
  • Our children-centered curriculum with a variety of learning activities enables our students to learn through experiences and develops their positive values. We also keep up with the latest trends in education by integrating technology into the classroom.
  • The sharing session during the morning assembly strengthens children’s confidence and communication skills, as well as helps children develop civic consciousness.
  • Behaviour charts teach children about moral values and good qualities and encourages them to share things with others.